A brief picture review of my trip to Scotland 27-4...4-5-2011

It was a gloriously sunny week, only light drizzle for a couple of hours one afternoon.

Photos cannot show how extremely windy it was, several tents were blown away in the pass, I found one blown over 5Km down the valley from the next camping spot.

The nights where the clearest I can ever remember.

Just arrived at the Mennock pass!

The Mennock 'river' - runs beside the road for the length of the valley.

I decided to camp a couple of Km up a tributary of the Mennock river - the Glenclach Burn, could have been the 'middle of nowhere'.

A lonely tree - the only tree I could see from where I camped.

View from camp down towards the Mennock river.

View upstream from camp.

I broke camp after a few days - only a few misplaced stones will show I was ever there after the grass recovers.

Beautiful lil' river but I needed to be a mountain goat to get to and from camp carrying a 30Kg backpack.

The way down to the Mennock river from my first camp site - mountain goats R us!

I did not want to leave!

My new campsite - near the Mennock river - a popular spot, relatively level but howlingly windy!

View downriver, other campers were at the flat spot in the far distance - until all their tents blew away one night!

Tried to get a bit artistic at sundown on the Mennock river!

No words

View down into the Glenclach burn gulley.

Recent rockfall in the Glenclach gulley.

Another lonely tree, but a beautiful spot.

There has been mining here for a long time!

Another view up the Glenclach burn gulley.

Morning visitor.

Nelson, 20 years living in a campervan travelling the country prospecting for gold, camped nearby for a few days.

View from on top of Middle Moor into the Mennock pass.

View West from the top of Middle Moor.

Ancient sheep pens, farm - "sheepfold" - from near top of Middle Moor.

Starry nights - Ursa Major, they are all stars not camera noise. Taken with my lil' Cannon compact - unbelievable!

And to top it all, I did find a few tiny little bits of natural Scottish gold!