Brief record of my skiing trip to Norway Feb' 2013

Unfortunately I had a big 'owee' on day three.

I was practicing controlled turns and speed control down this slope out of the cut 'tracks'. Many trails deeper into the forest do not have cut tracks so I needed to develop my skills. The view up the slope. The weather was mild -1...-3C, warm enough for the snow to compact into ice, so it looks nice skiing but it was a bit icy. I spent 3 days on the slopes and I had cracked steering and speed control (mostly) I knew what to do I just needed loads of practice. The view down from the same camera position. I was doing fine, having been down the full length of the slope several times under good control. On the last run I was on the left of the last slope, when all previous descents I was on the right, and hit a large patch of ice. The speed shot up and I lost control with the skis just clattering on the ice. I fell and tumbled at about where the red jacketed skier is standing in the distance. My right ankle was rotated about 180 degrees as the right ski caught an edge! BIG OWEE. Cross country skis don't release!

A few days later I had some nice bruising and a swelling of my foot and ankle. Torn ligaments in the ankle, bruising up the lower shin - damn awkward, I have to use crutches for a few weeks. I did this on Friday 8-2-2013, its now 22-2 and I still can't do without the crutches.

Ho Hum, skiing is a dangerous sport but my ankle will eventually mend - can't wait for next year.