Astro Stuff How to build a CD Wimshurst Machine How to build a Cloud Chamber

A collection of my MX7C images, and some other astro' info'.

 I made a couple of Wimshurst machines,  click on images for more info'.

There is also a video guide to building a CD Wimshurst machine.

I built a couple of peltier cooled cloud chambers (Wilson chamber).

How to build a cloud chamber without dry ice. Detailed instructions and a video of an easy to build cloud chamber.

Some of my astronomy pictures

How to build a wimshurst machine

Peltier cooled homemade cloud chamber without dry ice video

RC Heli

Playing with my camera Cigarette / Collectors Cards
Some info on RC MicroHelicopters. Something small...something large... I have hundreds of 1900 to 1940's cigarette collectors cards for sale. All indexed, some pictures / scans.

Framed loose, complete sets and odd's. A full online database lists all the cards I have so far sorted: Cards.

Including: J.Player & Son, Carreras, W.D.& H.O.Wills, Cavanders, Godfrey Phillips, Ogdens, Turf, amongst many others.

Photogalleries of some of my trips - and my Icelandic adventure.



Astro Stuff:



M27 - Dumbell nebula

M42 - Orion nebula - Camera lens - 210mm

M57 - Ring nebula

M101 - Pinwheel galaxy

NGC891 - My first real attempt to get an image.

NGC 6792 -  Galaxy

NGC 6675 -  Galaxy

NGC7023 - Reflection Nebula

JUPITER - First pic's of Jupiter at long FL.

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy - first pics with Canon EOS600D



Scope:    Meade LXD55 SN8 UHTC

Cameras:  MX7C - USB.

                Canon EOS600D

S.T.A.R. 2000 guider interface.

Astroart 5.0 image processing S/W.

Deepsky2003 (Reference/database etc)

28...55, 55...250, 70...210mm Zoom camera lenses

28mm Wide-angle camera lens

Home made electric focuser (Focusser)

Fixed mounting pillar for the GEM. (Mount)

Home made "dew cap" (Dew cap)

Heleos Explorer 150 - used for some early images. Sold on Ebay.



I live in the geographic centre of Southend-On-Sea, Essex, England (51.31, 00.46) - a town of 250,000 people. The light pollution is very bad, naked eye limit of visibility is about mag' 4...4.5 on those rare clear nights. (Site)


Weasners LXD55 Site - very useful.

Starlight Express

RS Components - all electromechanical bits available mail-order.



An interesting test of what is really black! (Black test)  



17 Level greyscale - adjust screen brightness/contrast to show all 17 distinct levels from black to white for best image contrast.



Video Links:

How to make a CD wimshust machine - A 9.3 minute video providing full instructions on how to make a wimshurst machine from CD blanks and household items.

CD wimshurst machine 1 - wimshurst machine, cobbled together in an afternoon from scraps and a couple of CD's.

CD winshurst machine 2 - Short video of the wimshurst machine made in the 'How to build a CD wimshurst machine' showing max sparks of 15mm and overloads.

32cm wimshurts machine - A short video of a wimshurst machine with 32cm disks, this produced over 130mm sparks and is a very reliable wimshurst machine.

Cloud chamber 1 - 1 short video of an Alpha source (Am241) and background radiation in a homemade peltier cooled cloud chamber without dry ice.

Cloud chamber with Water as the 'fuel' - a short video demonstrating water as active vapour, very quickly frosted up! How to make a cloud chamber without dry ice.

Poorly Lit homemade cloud chamber- contrasting good and bad lighting in my homemade peltier cloud chamber! No dry ice.

Granite in a cloud chamber - no dry ice - some activity from a piece of granite. No dry ice, peltier cooled. Homemade cloud chamber, instructions to build a cloud chamber.

Background radiation in a peltier cloud chamber - no active sources anywhere near, just background radiation. Peltier cooled, homemade cloud chamber not using dry ice.

How to make a cloud chamber - a 5 minute video on how to build a simple cloud chamber in less than an hour. How to build a cloud chamber without dry ice, peltier cooled.