Huge Things:

The milky way:

The milky way is big ISO1600, F3.5, 18mm (18...55 zoom), 10 seconds.10 images 'stacked', but add a telescope to the Canon and the Andromeda galaxy is a grand sight::

Below is an image of Andromeda the closest major galaxy to us: Canon EOS600D 50 x 10 second, ISO1600, stacked in Astroart - Meade LXD55 SN8 - 200mm aperture  F4.

And just to add some scale:

I was just taking random shots of the sky to get my 'eye in' with the camera SN8 combination.

The image below is a random galaxy probably as big as Andromeda - just a 'little' further away!

Single 30 second exposure, ISO6400, Meade SN8 @ F4. The skies were not that dark but the 'random' galaxy is still visible.